Founded company: earwig

  • Harrison Moore

Over 850,000 construction workers operate on temporary contracts through a multi-tier contracting structure where specialist and general recruitment agencies sit between them and the ultimate employer. These agencies hold contracts and outsource payment and their performance varies dramatically. Poor worksite conditions and bad management further exacerbate workers’ sense of insecurity. All of this creates personal crises for many workers who have limited power to effect change. earwig is a reviews platform for construction workers on temporary contracts. It shows relevant, detailed worker-led intelligence about agencies and workplaces so workers can feel secure when choosing jobs. Workers find the best jobs and pay rates and engage with other workers in the earwig community so that they make the most informed decisions. It’s the only platform of its kind in construction. My work as CEO has involved everything from design, user interviews and testing, prototyping, copywriting and strategic narrative building to business planning, social media marketing, fundraising and establishing sector partnerships. I'm being supported by InnovationRCA, the Royal College of Art's centre for entrepreneurship, where I get first class mentoring and professional development. earwig is on the up, having just won a place on the RSA's 2019 Economic Impact Accelerator. I'm looking to build a trusted team of hardworking creatives keen to make a social impact in UK construction. If this is you, get in touch now! Wanted: software engineering whizkids; growth hacking gurus; sales superpeople; cat lovers.