Friend or Foe? Navigating Online Adversaries | Tamara Littleton | TEDxMarrakesh

  • Tamara Littleton
Whether you're a brand or an individual anyone who raises their head above the parapet can find themselves in the firing line of trolls. But trolls come in many forms and you can prepare yourself for the inevitable crisis. Tamara is the CEO and founder of The Social Element that is operating in 45 countries, with a team of 350. The agency supports brands with social media strategy, content, insights, and social customer engagement. When she was running the online webmaster team for BBC Online, several years ago, her love of online communities was fuelled. She saw the future in social media, and wanted to bring BBC quality to big brands’ communities. So in 2002 she turned her passion into a business and founded The Social Element. Online safety is another passion. She was a member of the Home Office Sub Committee advising the British Government on communities’ moderation to help safeguard children and continues to protect virtual spaces for well-known children's brands. It was her experiences in managing communities that led to Tamara co-founding another business, Polpeo, in 2013. Polpeo simulates a crisis breaking online to help brands successfully navigate a crisis by practicing their response to safeguard their reputations online. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.