Friends In My Ends E03 'A Love Letter'

  • Malin Fritz
  • Daisy O'Donnell
  • Ayesha Kazim
  • Peju Ayanwale
  • Mia Sweeney
  • Mair Howells
  • Farihah Chowdhury
  • Shenell Kennedy
  • Maisie Angela
  • Dudley Nganjo

Meet Peju, Mia, Mair, Farihah and Shenell [ @peju.aa @miasweeney @mairhowells @farihah_view @shenellkennedy ], 5 London based creatives from different corners of the industry. In honour of International Women’s Month and all our female friends, we have dedicated the third episode of Friends In My Ends to the topic of being a creative woman in an overall male-dominated industry. While some time is spent highlighting a few of the hardships faced, the main topic of conversation evolves around the beauty of women working together. Watch the full episode now Director: @malinfrtz Producer: @daisyluee Producer: @maisie.angela DOP: @raymillerdavis 1st AC: @dudleynganjo Editor: @malinfrtz Photographer: @ayeshavkazim