Funke Record Sleeve

  • Alison Dominguez

Designer Production Reprographics Record + Sleeve Design Funke is an electro band whose image is a tribute to the font Iwan Stencil. The band was conceptualized by a group of Graphic and Media Design students and myself during our second year of university. Our project was to create a band and record sleeve design based entirely off of an assigned font. The creator of Iwan Stencil is the designer Jan Tschichold who was born in Germany. The word stencil is derived from the latin word scintilla, or 'spark.' The work spark translated into German is Funke, our choice for the band’s title. Here I have designed a record sleeve for the album Vierzehn by Funke. The word Vierzehn in german means "fourteen." This alludes directly to the designer, Jan Tschichold who is famous for his "fourteen rules" of typography.