Furla - The Furla Society - Cruise 17-18

  • Loui Bowes
  • gianluca lattuchelli

The brief was to create a digital first campaign to refresh the brand, following on from several seasons of campaigns which lacked the warmth, optimism and playfulness of the brand and their products. Led by the narrative filled films, the client was so impressed with the work and change in direction they ran the campaign above the line. A concept rooted in the product - fun, bold and colourful bags - and inspired by the boundless self-expression empowered by the rise of social media, The Furla Society set out to create elusive, irreverent and eclectic characters, whilst also creating an online community with #TheFurlaSociety I was responsible for the campaign concept, art direction, film narrative and scripts, and managing all pre and post production for stills and film, and oversaw all digital and print design. Campaign stills - Nico Bustos Campaign film - Ujin Lim B-Roll film - Ujin Lim