• Francis Augusto
  • Zelie Lockhart
  • Oran Eggerton
  • Gabriela Velasco

Furō was inspired by colourful bold fashion imagery & the charm of movement. This series is in collaboration with stylist Ania Egan. I hadn't done anything remotely close to this, so a big thank you to all involved. The desired result was a collection of images that are colourful, warm and maybe a little feel refreshing. For more photos - https://www.francisaugusto.co.uk/furo - Photographer: Francis Augusto / @franxisaugusto
Stylist: Ania Egan / @aniaegan Light assist: Oran Eggerton / @oranegg Ph assist: Gabriela Velasco / @midnightdominator Producer: Zelie Lockhart / @zelielockhart
Shoot runner: Emir Tekin / @nottekin Cast: Olive Harvey @oliveharvey08 & Shoko Ito / @shokoito_ Studio: AREA at @jj_mediagroup Studio producer: @nadiasilver