Future Cities Catapult - Welcome space

  • Izzy Kertland
Project produced whilst at Kin.
Future Cities Catapult is a government funded hub that brings together businesses, academics and city leaders to discuss and develop the cities of the future.
Their new headquarters needed to communicate who they were and showcase the projects they were working on with a flexible exhibition space
To create the immediate impression of activity visitors were guided through the space with a lighting installation showing animating text, video and live data streams.
The main exhibition space showcases Future Cities’ projects and goals, taking inspiration from the evolving and fragmented nature of cities. The five unique display structures and welcome wall are designed as a flexible environment that can adapt to accommodate the Catapults’ changing requirements.
To enable presentations, and digital demonstrations we created an interactive table that links to a large video wall. A series of objects could be placed onto the table to unpack project stories.