Future of Sales Enablement Whitepaper

  • Richard Lowe

One of the key projects throughout my time as a Digital Marketing Intern at Uhubs in 2021 was the coordination, creation, and marketing of the second Uhubs Whitepaper. Whilst many whitepapers take the form more of long-form reports, the brief for this whitepaper was to take content directly from the mouths of sales enablement experts and early adopters. This whitepaper was set as a transitional challenge into a paid role following my internship at Uhubs. The content in this whitepaper was originally in the form of video interviews, carried out primarily by Uhubs co-founder Matt Milligan, and myself. Utilising a transcription software called Descript, I was able to go through these videos and pick out the most relevant answers and insights, which sped the production process up massively. I also adapted the long-form interviews in the whitepaper into more digestible, short-form blog content. I also picked out a few of the videos used as the basis for the whitepaper and uploaded them to the Uhubs Youtube channel. Whilst I am not a designer, I had gained a lot of experience working with our designer Rasid. As such, I was able to get a robust, and well-researched design brief over to him very quickly. I was also able to secure a foreword on sales enablement from the CEO of Mimecast, who was also featured in the whitepaper. This whitepaper was also endorsed by the Boston Chapter of the Sales Enablement Society, and I was complimented on my work by Bob Dozolis, the chair of the Boston Sales Enablement society, with whom we co-ordinated the endorsement deal. I was given a project deadline of 10 working days, and by the time this period was over, I'd secured a paid position at Uhubs, and had completed work on this whitepaper. Download the Future of Sales Enablement whitepaper here: https://www.uhubs.co.uk/whitepapers/future-of-sales-enablement

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