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  • Nikos Karakatsianis
  • James Carter
In their push to transition over to a dynamic security model, G4S needed an effective way of explaining this concept to clients and shareholders.

The Challenge

Create a diagnostics tool to sit within an experience centre, installed within an old bank vault, which will display on a TV and be controlled from an iPad by a G4S representative. It should effectively explain and showcase a data-driven, dynamic security model which applies to various locations, with each location being broken up into a number of scenarios.


We hosted a series of workshops and planning sessions with the client in which we ascertained that there would be several locations in which they wanted to demonstrate how their security services would apply, these were a building site, an airport, an office, a football stadium and a University campus. These locations would be broken up into various scenarios in order to demonstrate how the security effect would change over time. In the building site for example, the security needs would need to be different during the site opening, than during construction.
In order to plan out what would security types would need to be shown across each scenario we ran a session with the client where each location was drawn out from a birds eye view and printed, onto which we used different coloured and shaped stickers to plot out where things would appear. This was a very helpful session as we got an informed and accurate output from it (as well as getting to play with stickers!)

Information Design

The first part of the design process was looking at how the information would be presented to the user, it had to be modern and clean while imparting the right amount of information without appearing cluttered. It was also important to know how it would look on a TV screen from a reasonable viewing distance. A lot of testing was done to ensure everything would have enough contrast to be easily visible.


In order to make it easier for both the G4S rep and the client to identify what all the various security types being displayed were, I put together a series of icons that would appear above their on-screen representations.


We worked together with a 3D designer who created the cityscape and the various locations which would be explored on screen in the experience centre. Once these locations were rendered, we plotted where the different security types would appear in the different scenarios.




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