gal-dem at V&A MUSEUM

  • Zahra Swanzy
  • Ibiye Camp
  • Liv Little
  • Ayishat Akanbi
  • Eloise King

Swanzy took over the Raphael room in the Victoria and Albert Museum for the lovely gals at gal-dem. The night saw me chair three panels exploring what it is to be a woman of colour in the below industries/spaces: Creative Arts with Mei-Li (Jewellery Designer), Ayishat Akanbi (Stylist), Eloise King (Exec Producer i-D & Women on Docs), Simran Randhawa (Model and Spoken Word Poet). Music with Danai Mavunga (Afrobeats DJ at 1Xtra & Music Manager), Emerald Rose Lewis (Radio Host at Rinse FM & Model) , Klein (Independent Electronic Producer & Music Artist). Politics with Eleanor Lisney (Disability Rights activist/ Sister Frida), Chante Joseph (Chair of Bristol's Student Council, BITNB) , Nadia Vogel (POC Officer at Kings Uni Why is my curriculum so white?)


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