GAL - Period Underwear (GFF Considered Fashion Award Finalist)

  • Catherine Baldwin

GAL (Girls Against Leaks) is a not-for-profit, triple bottom line business selling stylish reusable period pants whilst giving back to help end period poverty. The function of the product is to absorb two tampons worth of period flow and protect the wearer from leaks, whilst providing comfort through the use of breathable and non-toxic fabrications. Alongside this is the GAL PAL app where you can shop the products and track your cycle, whilst offering a learning and community space for the consumer. The brand works to benefit people and the planet through empowering and educational marketing, charitable donations to affiliate charities, as well as sustainable and ethical practices. GAL is a Finalist for the GFF Considered Fashion Award 2020. If you would like to know more feel free to email me on Or contact me on Instagram @catanna_trends.