Gaming Publications

  • Jamie Malcolm

My first job on moving to London was for long-running gaming magazine PC Zone. Although the magazine industry has moved in a different direction over the years, I’ve always been excited for games-industry publications. Of particular note is the high-quality tie-in to the popular game EVE Online, Commisioned by Icelandic games company CCP and loved by staff and fans alike, this was by far the longest-running, most involving magazine I’ve worked on - 30 quarterly issues over 7 years, redesigning it from the ground up twice, producing cover artwork using the company’s own 3D software as well as creating complex feature illustrations and official guides. Following the success of EON magazine, CCP requested an art book to go with the game’s anniversary set. In collaboration with the artists at CCP Games, I was given free rein and full access to 10 years of archives and game assets. I carefully curated these assets and combined them with contemporary layout and typography to design this gorgeous coffee-table book. Beyond EVE Online I’ve created magazines for several other massively multiplayer online games such as Everquest 2, APB and Korean MMO RF Online, as well as a purely digital magazine for use on phones and tablet devices, necessitating a different way of thinking from traditional print media to create a dynamic product. Each was developed with a distinct visual style which informed everything about the design, from headline fonts to page graphics.