Gaysians - Partners and Events Hub

  • Daljinder Johal
  • Reeta Loi

GAYSIANS IS A PLATFORM THAT PROMOTES POSITIVE VISIBILITY FOR SOUTH ASIAN LGBT+ PEOPLE We are an alliance of charities, support groups, meet-ups, activists and leading voices within our community. We've joined forces in order to improve access to resources and services to those that seek it, as well as to elevate our collective voice in mainstream media. OUR AIMS Connect different organisations and people to create a safe space for our community to discover resources and build friendships. We are an umbrella group that helps people navigate services and organisations that already exist and those that are yet to be created. Empower individuals and the community to live authentic lives without the fear of prejudice, by challenging issues affecting the South Asian LGBT+ individual and community. Celebrate the positive stories that exist within the community across all backgrounds, increasing positive visibility.