GEN-Z Market Research

This project was niche AF. We have GEN-Z copywriters everywhere. Literally. We're talking worldwide, boo. Mellor&Smith reached out to us to pick the brains of a particular niche group of people: GEN-Z copywriters from Pakistan, India and the Philippines specifically. What started off as a one-off brief for one person quickly escalated into a 4 person job, all sorted within 48 hours or less. A focus group was organised and authentic copy was created that hit the mark perfectly. Here's what Mellor&Smith had to say about our first GEN-Z copywriter: 'Word Tonic's copywriter attacked our brief like she had something to prove. She was all in and that attitude immediately resonated with us. Her writing is considered, sometimes chaotic but often leads to ‘interesting’. With a graphical eye, she’s also versatile, with an appreciation for how the copy lives inside the idea. She’ll surprise you, which is what every brand or agency needs to get to ‘interesting’.