General Electric — Life Strategy

  • Matthew Shannon
New Health
Merging divisions of GE Healthcare, Life Sciences brings together innovative expertise in biological research and diagnostics technology for researchers, drug development specialists and manufacturers. It produces the technology solutions and innovation that are changing how health professionals diagnose and treat illnesses such as cancer and diabetes.

New Company — There was a sense of GE employees not knowing the 'why' or the 'how' of the Life Sciences part of the business. The company needed to make sure that its 10,000 global employees understood the journey the company was on, provide clarity on what it prides itself on, where it excels and how its expertise makes the difference to its customers - and, ultimately patients.

Communicate To Many
I produced an animation, that would illustrate and enhance the presentation developed by the Life Sciences CMO. The animation is engaging, clear and simple and inspiring enough for the GE employees to understand the reason and value behind Life Sciences.

Communicate To Many
The success of the animation was grounded in the ambitious reality of GE and Life Sciences; it was human in its tone whilst reflecting the critical innovation in healthcare as a subject. Translated into mandarin, german, portuguese and arabic to inform the world.