Genevieve & Co.

  • Teresa Villar

Genevieve & Co. is a platform and a marketplace located in Vancouver, that connects conscious consumers with like-minded brands while also educating women on the concept of sustainable living. The brief consisted in creating a new identity and style guidelines for the brand, ensuring a cohesive and consistent communication across all platforms.

Starting Point

An initial mood-board played a key part at the beginning of the project, defining colours and styling. This was created as a collaboration designer-client to fully understand the requirements and direction of the task.
Design Process

We went through multiple typeface options and from the beginning we had clear that we needed an element that was completely unique for the brand, this was the ampersand. A sans-serif font was the final decision for the logotype, the ampersand was a bespoke design.

The colour palette was inspired by earthy tones, mixing neutrals with some darker shades. The font chosen for the headlines was “Lora” a clean typeface full of personality that could differentiate “Genevieve & Co.” from competitors.
Social Media

Social media assets were created following the brand guidelines: clean imagery, use of colour palette and correct typefaces to highlight the content add some personality to the brand.

Various versions of the logo were created to fit any space, all of them keeping the iconic ampersand and styling of the main lock up to be easily recognisable as part of the brand.