Gentleman Jack: Refreshing the whiskey of gentleman.

  • Lisa Swain
Just like Jack Daniel’s Old No 7, Gentleman Jack is charcoal mellowed before the barrel, but also receives an extra ‘blessing’ when charcoal mellowed again after reaching maturity, to create a silky smooth finish.

Our Challenge:

Our brief was drive awareness and sales with 25-34 year old Jack Daniel’s drinkers looking to trade up; but Gentleman Jack just wasn’t on their radar. They didn’t understand what made the brand special and it didn’t seem relevant to them. We needed to do something to get it noticed.

Our Approach:

Research showed that our audience was starting to appreciate the finer things in life and becoming more discerning, but they weren’t sure which brands to choose. We labelled this ‘fledging connoisseurship’ and saw an opportunity for Gentleman Jack to help them on their path to becoming a true gentleman.

Our Story:

We established ‘The Order of Gentleman’ to help our consumers on their journey.

Recruiting a carefully selected group of key influencers who were all experts in their field, we shared their knowledge and craft with our consumers. From a bar owner mixologist to a meat chef, to a grooming expert and a master barber; each brought their own perspective on premium craft and shared the same aspirations and values that go into every bottle of Gentleman Jack.

The Order was brought to life on social and eCRM with support from quarterly Shortlist magazine advertorials to provide additional reach.

Our Impact:

The launch email rocketed with an open rate of 36% versus a industry average of 21% and achieved an astounding 11% click through rate and the popularity of The Order grew rapidly. Our Facebook community hit 29,000 fans with an average engagement of 6% on a very limited media spend.

Consumer feedback demonstrated that we’d done an outstanding job of inspiring our audience and thanks to The Order, Gentleman Jack enjoyed its best Christmas trading period ever with a massive 19.4% yoy growth.