GFF Talent: Lucy Hall Has Nothing To Hide

  • Lucy Hall

Meet GFF Talent Lucy Hall, a fashion communication and promotion graduate from Norwich University of the Arts. Lucy’s final project, Nothing To Hide, aims to change the perception of sustainable fashion and communicate concepts around ethical manufacturing and the dark secrets of the industry to a wide audience. Her focus on rebranding sustainable fashion to make it accessible taps into a growing awareness of the importance of transparency and ethics among consumers. Read on to learn more about Nothing To Hide and Lucy’s plans for the start of her career.

What is the most valuable thing you have learnt at university?
I couldn’t possibly name just one thing. The whole experience has totally changed my outlook on the fashion industry. At the start of the first year I was a loyal Zara shopper and now the idea of purchasing anything ‘fast fashion’ is an absolute no from me. Attending a lecture by fashion journalist, Tansy Hoskins really sparked my interest in the ethical implications of garment manufacture. Over the last three years, I have vastly expanded my knowledge on the realities of the industry and I continue to learn more and more every day.

What was the starting point of inspiration for your final project?
Driven by the imminent need for change, my research report explored how the fashion industry will respond to the increased consumer desire for supply chain transparency. From my research, I identified the need for the creative communication of the positive changes brands are making to achieve transparency and ultimately become sustainable. This creative communication could take form through social content, campaigns and events, for example. The title of my final project, Nothing To Hide, comes from this idea of brands providing total transparency on their production methods in order to gain consumer trust.
What form will it take (garments, editorial images, magazine, event, etc)?
I have developed this concept into a communications consultancy for sustainable fashion, beauty and accessories brands. Existing to bridge the gap between sustainable brands and consumers, my final outcomes include strategy documents, branded asset proposals and the Nothing To Hide Instagram account which opens up a platform conversation surrounding industry truths and sustainable alternatives.

How has it evolved from your initial ideas and what have you learnt along the way?
Initially, I wanted to focus on helping non-sustainable brands improve their production methods, however, I quickly realised this would require embarking on an entirely different degree! Through this research, I realised that my interests actually lie within the marketing of these sustainable practices.
What are the messages and themes behind your project that you want people to take away? Do explore any topics like diversity, sustainability or politics in your work?
Sustainable products don’t just come in various shades of beige or green and they most certainly are not all ridiculously overpriced. This perception is damaging the opportunities for sustainable brands to really grow and challenge industry norms. I believe the sooner the stereotype is abolished, the quicker we will see consumers engaging with these brands. For this project, I purposefully built the colour palette around warm, red tones in an effort to challenge the aesthetic most consumers associate with sustainability.

What’s an aspect of the fashion industry that you’re passionate about fixing or having a positive impact on?
I am equally passionate about finding solutions to both the environmental and ethical implications of garment manufacture, however, I personally feel the environmental concerns often gain greater media exposure and therefore receive more attention for a change. Particularly with everything going on right now regarding the Coronavirus, we see so many high street retailers refusing to pay for their production orders leaving countless garment workers unpaid for their most recent work. I believe it is extremely important for mainstream consumers to be exposed to the truths of the fashion industry as opposed to being fed a glamorous narrative.
What is your plan once you finish your BA?
I plan to continue running the Nothing To Hide Instagram account (@nothingtohide.nth), generating creative content and encouraging greater discussions around the darker side of the fashion industry. Ultimately, I would love to gain employment within the fashion sustainability sector, helping brands improve their methods and marketing these positive changes. I plan to gain great experience working for other people and perhaps one day returning to this project to launch my own communications consultancy for sustainable brands.