GIFeelings GIPHY channel for Domino's UK & I

  • Liam Lodge

Domino’s needed to find a new way to remain top-of-mind and drive penetration with millennials, who were becoming increasingly hard to find and communicate to thanks to 'dark social'. Working as part of the Domino's UK & I team at Iris, we discovered that their audience was expressing their reactions to daily life and food in a more emotional, nuanced and abstract way than ever (memes, GIFs, emojis and the like.) Yet when it came to pizza, they were simply left lost for words. It made it our mission to allow pizza fans to express the inexpressible, creating a new Domino’s pizza language. By working with GIF artists to ensure authenticity and lols, and through developing an always relevant creation and distribution strategy, we launched our collection of GIFFEELINGS. We finally gave our audience a way to express their pizza love. This activity was awarded Most Innovative Use of New Social Platforms at the Drum Content Awards 2017