Girlguiding Shop - Designing a new web shop experience.

  • Steven Chen

Insight: Girlguiding is the UK’s largest girls-only youth organisation. Founded in 1910, Girlguiding is a charitable organisation that supports the development and well-being of young women. Feedback on their e-commerce site highlighted that it was straightforward to use but that it needed to be updated. Girlguiding needed an engaging, contemporary online shop that demonstrated their brand proposition of providing quality products from a trusted source. Collaborated with Design Director Will Krüger

Challenge: Girlguiding provided a detailed digital brand guideline which had been implemented on their main site. Due to the different nature of an e-commerce site, many of the elements needed to be reconsidered while remaining on brand.
Legacy designs, such as logos for each of their age section, did not pass the WCAG 2.0 AA colour contrast requirement. The design of the shop needed to take these into consideration and evolve the visual language.
Idea: The outcome extended and evolved the visual language in the digital brand guideline while also following the latest e-commerce best practice. Each individual element, such as typography and calls-to-action, were reviewed and modified accordingly. This resulted in the information being clearly laid out, working coherently and sales driven. There were also new design elements which were introduced to help communicate the brand value and proposition.

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