Give a Gift of Penguin book

  • Eve Hard
On christmas time, Penguin Random House group decided to showcase some of their biggest titles. The campaign was running during 8 weeks.
Instead of 'just' having the book cover and the article, it was decided to have a more memorable and playful display.

From the starting point, as creatives we wanted to have the different book covers against some wooden floors to give a home feeling (c'mon, everyone is having books on the floor at home).
For each post the text accompanying the book is underlying the type of gift the book will represent. Some of the texts have been created in house, others are a mix of different sourced fonts.
The gif tag next to book will allow the user to know from which branch of the publishing company the book is and so for which reader the book is (Ladybird is for toddlers, Puffin for reader between 5 to 13 years, Penguin for late teens and adults).

The use of animated gif recently been an effective way to catch users eyes.
From this idea we decided to create, in top of static images, some animated alternatives.

Each book is having its own story, each image and animation need to be unique.
The main challenge was : how to stay consistent?

By using the same layout, some recurrent elements (e.g. stars, lights) we succeeded at keeping a same feeling through all the posts.


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