Eve Hard

Eve Hard

Designer / Art Director (digital)United Kingdom
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Eve Hard

Eve Hard

Designer / Art Director (digital)United Kingdom
About me
French digital designer based in London.
  • Mettle
    MettleMettle is a fintech from Natwest (Royal Bank of Scotland). The aim of Mettle is to provide limited company -with up to two owners or sole trader with a balance less than £100k- an online account that will simplify their daily life. On this account the user can send and receive payments, lock and unlock their card, create and send invoices, get monthly spending trends preview to anticipate their cashflow, categorise incoming payments and add receipts to transactions making end-to-year accounting
  • MySense
    MySenseMySense is a new company working in the healthcare and technology industries. Their goal is to provide a better autonomy to their users, and, peace of mind for those around them. Their main products are: 1 A group of sensors the user put into their home and wrist. The sensors are recording their routine as data and creating their daily pattern. 2 A software is compiling all those data in a visual way, allowing the user’ carer or family to know when the user health is decreasing. MySense asked
  • Give a Gift of Penguin book
    Give a Gift of Penguin bookOn christmas time, Penguin Random House group decided to showcase some of their biggest titles. The campaign was running during 8 weeks. Instead of 'just' having the book cover and the article, it was decided to have a more memorable and playful display. From the starting point, as creatives we wanted to have the different book covers against some wooden floors to give a home feeling (c'mon, everyone is having books on the floor at home). For each post the text accompanying the book is underlying the type of gift the book will represent. Some of the texts have been created in house, others are a mix of different sourced fonts. The gif tag next to book will allow the user to know from which branch of the publishing company the book is and so for which reader the book is (Ladybird is for toddlers, Puffin for reader between 5 to 13 years, Penguin for late teens and adults). The use of animated gif recently been an effective way to catch users eyes. From this idea we decided to create, in top of static images, some animated alternatives. Each book is having its own story, each image and animation need to be unique. The main challenge was : how to stay consistent? By using the same layout, some recurrent elements (e.g. stars, lights) we succeeded at keeping a same feeling through all the posts.
  • City Bank - Progress Makers at Work
    City Bank - Progress Makers at WorkCiti Bank in association with the Economist have produced a website showcasing the results of their new research. The aim of this research was to know “how and who is trusting those who bring the progress in different industries” so who is a Progress Maker and where they are working. The website is divided into three main categories, the Peoples (the Progress Makers), their Reports (Progress Makers views), and Quiz to do with the results that show which kind of Progress Maker you are. The Art Direction follows the established Citi Bank brand guideline, looks and feels. But in some sections there is more freedom for design, e.g. the quiz section and the results. On this project I worked from the concept to creation of assets.
  • Three forms of water
    Three forms of waterOn this personal project I represented the three states of water and what they means to me. I also created a font that explore the ideas of fluidity and cocoon.
  • Beazley - Risk rider
    Beazley - Risk riderCreation of an online game released on christmas for an insurance company. This game was like an easter egg, available only for the insurance' subscribers. As the game was released on Christmas the setting of it is inspired by the Alps mountains. This game is designed as a racing course, you need to collect bonus and avoid risks to get the higher score. The further you go into the race, the faster you drive, the music goes faster too and the less you can see. So the game start to be difficult. After the race, if your score is high enough you can be part of the leaderboard. The challenge of the project was to create light asset that will not drive flash crazy.
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