Give and take: Travel and Leisure behaviors 2021

  • Josephine Colter

After more than a year of pandemic restrictions, people are brimming with wanderlust. With borders reopening and vaccine roll-outs well underway, consumers are eagerly eyeing opportunities to get away. But in a travel landscape still marked by uncertainty, no plan is guaranteed. Regardless of whether they’ll be able to go, consumers are delighting in the promise of a break. As people’s relationship with travel and leisure shifts to taking breaks when they can, however they can, they're looking for brands to facilitate escapism, hyper-local hot spots and opportunities to reconnect with nature and loved ones. So what are the new travel and leisure behaviors, and what do people want next?  In Canvas8's latest Travel + Leisure Snapshot, you'll discover: –Why staycations are here to stay –How people are revelling in travel rituals  –What the endless appetite for creative hobbies means for your brand Download it now: