Glass of Thrones

  • Jacob Merrick-Wolf
  • Tatty Martin
  • Poppy Jamieson
  • The Kitchen

KITCHEN collaborates with Publicis and Tourism Ireland to celebrate a decade of Game of Thrones.

To celebrate the eighth and final season of Game Of Thrones, KITCHEN teamed up with Publicis and Tourism Ireland to create a project that felt truly fitting for the finale of one of the world’s biggest TV shows.
Their previous collaboration had seen them create an authentic 66m long tapestry, that told the story of Seasons 1 – 7. This project was so successful that it is now housed in the Ulster Museum and was even featured as the intro for the official Game of Thrones documentary ‘The Last Watch’.
Following on from the success of this Tapestry, the team at Publicis and Tourism Ireland conceived the idea of creating a series of 6 bespoke Stained-Glass Windows that would be erected across several locations in Belfast. Each unique window would be based on a family house from the show, presenting their most iconic moments from the past 10 years in beautiful technicolor stained glass.
It was important for KITCHEN to stay true to the authentic appearance of stained-glass windows, so the colour palettes of each window were limited, in order to refrain from cluttering them with too many bold colours. Each window consisted of colours that highlighted and represented each house.
For example: Stark: Cold greys, Browns, Cold tones (Weirwood tree needs the iconic red foliage) Lannister: Gold (Orange), Red, Greens for the Sept of Baelor explosion
As each week unveiled a new window in locations across Belfast, Tourism Ireland’s website would also unlock the digital versions. Users were then able to select scenes from the windows which detailed the story of that scene and allowed the user to discover where in Northern Ireland that scene was filmed.
The windows were met with excitement from the public across social media and left everyone looking forward to what the next week would bring. With coverage from press sites such as Creative Review and Campaign Live, Week 1’s window even featured as the backdrop for the spin-off talk-show ‘Thronecast’ on Sky Atlantic. The campaign was shared across social media by Tourism Ireland and Tourism Northern Ireland – each to their followings of over 100K.
With the final result, which is a set of six beautifully-crafted stained glass windows, Tourism Ireland has reflected the impact that Games of Thrones has had over the last decade and ensured that the legacy of this cultural phenomenon remains rooted Northern Ireland.