Glastonbury Art Department

I have worked for the Creative director and production designer Misty Buckley for the previous 6 years as part of her art department team helping to put together the amazing festival that is Glastonbury!

Designing, set dressing and styling props in various areas and stages of the festival focusing on The Park, Williams green, Interstage and VIP.

This experience has proven greatly the ability to manage social and professional relationships with great emotional intelligence and an upbeat, willing to learn attitude. This job is completely about teamwork and together with hundreds of other people including riggers, carpenters , designers and artists we build the festival on site and 3/4 weeks later take it all down again. Each year the job evolves offering new challenges which are embraced with enthusiasm and offer a chance to put new spins on artwork some of us created up to 40 years ago. A job I have a lot of passion for as many come and go for the past 6 years for me has been a place all the team get creative for the same goal .. 3-4 days of madness!