Global Head of Brand Voice & Content - Text100/Archetype

  • Scott Flashheart

I was brought in as a Senior Consultant by Text100’s Global Creative Director to help define and refine the newly-rebranded company’s brand voice, for all external and internal communications. I worked alongside three Regional Marketing Managers to ensure a coherent, cohesive and above all engaging brand voice across all Text100 properties. This involved travelling to many of our offices to present, explain and discuss the company’s new brand voice with operatives on the ground in a variety of markets. On top of this, I oversaw several special projects, including the creation of a worldwide case study database involving 200+ individual case studies, indexed, sorted and searchable by anyone in the company; the creation and maintenance of a worldwide internal LGBTQ network; and the creating and subsequent editing and updating of several internal documents, such as job descriptions, new recruit on-boarding documents and other internal cultural documents. My day-to-day tasks included but weren’t limited to variously writing and editing brand marketing materials and case studies; managing and editing a blog that sourced content from our 700-strong staff in 22 offices around the world; polishing and tweaking new business pitches and RFPs; and overseeing all content posted to our global and local social media accounts.