Gluten Free Baking Co.

  • Patrick Glavee

The new ‘gluten free baking company’ branding aims to be a modern take on the idea of elegance and class. The colours allow for a positive and fun appeal, while keeping the design balanced. The icon consists of the deconstructed and simplified shapes/layers that make up a cake or cupcake. The deconstruction allows the shapes to be reconstructed and resized into a variation of different positions to represent different shapes and styles of cake. ‘Blue’ was selected to coincide with the brands original identity, with ‘pink’ and ‘orange’ selected for their visual balance and association to cake, as some of the most popular colours found on and in cakes. The rectangles that make up the icon, intersect at the corners. This intersection ties the shapes together, while the angled positioning of the shapes, creates the hand-crafted and home-made appeal, that we strive to present at the core of the ‘gluten free’ identity. The text, custom edited and arranged, was developed from the font ‘Bely’. ‘Bely’ perfectly matched the atmosphere we wanted around the branding, while still falling in line with the classic & elegant style found in the ‘Fortnum & Mason’ stock. The branding establishes a high-quality, approachable and modern direction for the ‘gluten free baking company’.