Glythe film: Styling a fashion film to break the dystopian aesthetics of Digital art

  • Debora Tonet
  • Tallulah Fontenelle

For my latest project, I had the opportunity to style a fashion film for students on the MA film course at the London film school. The aim of the film was to break the dystopian aesthetic of digital art and bring a magical, joyful, and elegant aesthetic to fashion films. In the film, Glythe, the protagonist, finds herself in the middle of brutalist futuristic constructions that replace the organic environment she used to know. However, within this new place, the surreal, airy elements of digital art helped her find peace, freedom of motion, and happiness. My role was to style the fashion aspects of the film to complement the ethereal aesthetic and create a visually stunning portrayal of Glythe's journey. By selecting the right wardrobe pieces and accessories, I was able to contribute to the overall impact of the film and ensure that the fashion elements were seamlessly integrated into the narrative. Through this project, I was able to showcase my ability to create a cohesive visual concept and bring a unique vision to life. I am thrilled to add this project to my portfolio and look forward to new opportunities to push the boundaries of fashion styling in film. The film has been submitted for multiple film festivals and will be available mid summer 2023. Actress : Tallulah Fontenelle Producers: Sid Menon & Greg Randolph Production Assistants: Sahil Patel & Rohithaashv Nandhan Editor and Assistant Director : Christie Arnold Cinematographer : Ravenna Tran Camera operator : YC Chen 1st AC : Zhanbo Yu 2nd AC : Chien Han Lai Spark : Siyu Ma Spark : Qili Li Spark : Jessie Jing Stylist : Debora Tonet Hair and Make-up artist : Torn Wang Production Design : Siwei Zhu 3D artist : AUJIK Colorist : Cameron Marygold Music by : Matthieu De Floris Sound design : Jérémy Ben Ammar