Jack and Ella travel alone, taking the path less trodden. Dishevelled and dirty they keep away from people, towns and cities, off the grid. They are hiding and on the run, but from what and why? Ian Durkin - Vimeo Staff Pick Curator - "Gripping short. Great production." Rob Munday - Directors Notes / Short of the Week - "Your work never fails to impress." Luke Rodriguez - Modern Horrors - "We all know that genre producers love turning these things into features, and God’s Kingdom is practically begging for it." MGDSQUAN - Horror Society - "Hollywood will come banging on his door one day, I guarantee you" Jay Creepy - Severed Cinema - "His eye for pacing and detail grows along the way to be nothing short of awesome." Jack Bottomley - UK Film Review - "Soulsby has delivered a most interesting film and I can only pray we shall see more good things on the horizon."