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Good Hood

  • Rachita Saraogi
  • Rebecca Thomson

Good Hood is a community of people who want to use their professional* skills to make a difference. This group is testing out skills-based volunteering for those looking for an opportunity to give back that fits into their schedules.

How does it work?
Through Good Hood, we will use #HelpASisterOut to indicate when we have an opportunity/need for a particular task or project. With each post, you will get an overview of the work, particular skills we need and duration of work.
Once posted, if you think you have the time and skills to complete it - you can leave a ‘YES + preferred contact method’* in the comment section and we will get in touch with further details.
To clarify, when we say skill we mean everything from budgeting, writing, pitch/presenting, speakers, project management, illustration, design, facilitation, film/photography, research - the list is endless really. In past projects this has included video editing, coaching, public speaking, writing.
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What's in it for you?
We truly acknowledge and appreciate the time and skills contributed to drive our mission and work forward and believe it’s very important for us all to have a mutual exchange.
We will also be sharing info about events, opportunities, articles and inspiration - because we know in order to give effectively, we need to nourish ourselves first. As this community grows, we will also be planning a meet-up because as great as digital is - nothing beats seeing all your wonderful faces in person!
Also, we want this to be a space in which you can share YOUR needs as well, it’s important that this is a community that helps you on your journey as well. If there is a particular skill you require for something you are working on (whether personal or ‘professional’- please use #HelpASisterOut and share the details. Also feel free to share any inspiring events, articles, opportunities that you come across or will be attending/involved in - we could go together?