Google Mont Blanc VR

  • Emily Shorvon
  • Jamie Nicoll
  • Matt Booy

A pioneering VR adventure, exploring the legend of Europe's highest mountain. The ultimate aspiration for even the most accomplished of mountaineers, few will ever scale the momentous 15,800 ft to reach Mont Blanc’s breathtaking summit. Pushing VR to the extreme, we took on the mammoth task of making the trek up Europe’s most famous mountain accessible to anyone with a smartphone (and even better, a Google Cardboard), with explorable hotspots and stunningly beautiful panoramas embedded in 3D space, each seamlessly interactive. Armed with a set of ‘smart ski goggles’ displaying altitude, temperature and vitals, High Mountain Guide Patrick Gabarrou accompanies the truly epic journey, giving insight and advice throughout. Through a combination of rich audio-visual components, development of cutting-edge technology, and in depth UX discovery, the Mont Blanc VR experience challenges every limitation and barrier by creating in-browser access to the massif in extraordinary exploratory detail. Curating a teasuretrove of remarkable assets captured on the mountain allowed us to craft a story that could place anyone within the iconic landmark, turning a sight only few will ever see into a shared experience that millions could enjoy. We created a fully immersive, mobile first, virtual reality experience that pioneered the rules on what was possible to build in a web browser.