Grenfell - Our Home

*Winner – Audience Award, Alternate Realities, Sheffield Doc Fest 2018* *Winner – Best Documentary VR Experience, Immersive Stories, Raindance Film Festival 2018* I assisted the amazing Akhila Krishnan for 59 Productions on this impactful project. 59 Productions has collaborated with Parable and Channel 4 to create the design and animation for the VR documentary, GRENFELL: OUR HOME, Channel 4’s first VR film commission. The 15-minute piece premiered at the Sheffield Doc Fest this year where it won the Audience Award in the Alternate Realities programme. It will be widely released at the end of June via social media and free VR stores. The film tells the story of life in the tower prior to the fire, and features 360 stereoscopic interviews with residents alongside animated sequences evoking life in Grenfell. The film is directed by Jonathan Rudd and features original music by acclaimed Icelandic composer, Biggi Hilmars.

Commissioned by
Channel 4

Commissioning Editor
Siobhan Sinnerton

Production Company

Design & Animation
59 Productions

Jonathan Rudd

Lead Designer
Akhila Krishnan

Artwork & Animation
Jarek Radecki
Edd Stockton
Georgia Clegg
Richard Selby-Chambers
Chris Stoneman
Marco Sandeman
Felix Green
Dale Croft
Hanna Schrage


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