Grime-A-Side | RedBull UK

  • Israel Peters
  • Brendon Harding
  • Nadia Anderson
  • Louis Pattison
  • James Hines
  • Eleanor Ngai
  • Cornelius Walker
In Grime-A-Side, grime MCs comprised of teams from eight UK cities go head to head in a tournament-style clash to claim regional supremacy and the Grime-A-Side trophy.
Grime-A-Side is split into three legs: quarter-finals, semi-finals and live final. Each match will see two teams go head to head, passing the mic and delivering their best 16 bars. The team that wins each match goes through to the next round to clash against another winning team; the losing crew is ejected from the competition.

How is it decided who wins?
  • The winning team will be decided by the results of a vote published on at
  • The vote will be open for five days, closing on the following Friday at 4pm.
  • You will need a Facebook account to vote.

Grime-A-Side 2017
Grime-A-Side 2016


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