Grolsch - Awake Music Experiment

  • Carina Toma Toma
  • Laura Nedelschi

In a world where we are more and more connected to technology, we have unfortunately become more disconnected from ourselves. Moreover, research shows that an average adult spends 4 hours per day in the company of his smartphone which has become a strong facilitator of day by day reality. OUR CHALLENGE: CREATE ENGAGEMENT AROUND A POINT OF VIEW Known as an experimental brand, Grolsch decided to show people how important is to re-connect with the beauty of their inner emotions by crafting a new use of technology. CREATIVE IDEA Awake your Curiosity Experiment. An unconventional experiment powered by neuroscience’s tools that transforms each person’s brainwaves into visual art. We developed a special installation that consists of neuroheadsets, eye masks and the most important emotions generator, music, in order to make people re-connect to themselves. STRATEGY INSIGHT: MUSIC IS THE MENTAL ENERGY Our people forget to really listen, feel and enjoy life without any interruptions. But in this crowded mental setting they have a powerful ally, “a way out” alternative: music. Music is a companion for busy days as well as a mental energy enhancer. APPROACH: TRANSFORM MUSIC INTO THE ENERGY OF RECONNECTION TO YOURSELF Grolsch builds on music as a way to re-connect with your inner emotions. Because music has the power to awake us if we are ready to take our time and not only hear, but actually listen. EXECUTION: In our experiment, we used neuroscience to transform each person’s brainwaves into visual art. A famous Romanian band, Vita de Vie held a live music show for 14 blindfolded participants of the experiment and the neuro-headsets specialists measured the emotional impact of the music. While the band was singing, on the walls above the subjects we saw their brainwaves transformed intro visual art. In the middle of the experiment, we introduced daily life sounds as sms notifications, phone calls or emails alerts that quickly disrupted their concentration, as in a regular life. As a consequence of their mental disconnection, the participants’ brains stopped drawing After that, the people were asked to only take their blindfolds off, so that they could also see the amazing things they were doing with their brains. To amplify our story, we video-documented our experiment and spread it in social media. Context / Problem / Opportunity / Insight INSIGHT: Illusion of connection. A recent research revealed that an average adult spends 4 hours, 5 minutes on their smartphone or tablets every day. That’s 5 days full in a month, which means that when you are stuck in the daily routine it is hard to break free. People like these would like to try things that are out of the ordinary, but they need an enabler. Something to inspire and wake them, to pull them out of the daily numbness. CHALLENGE: Find a way to make people re-connect with their inner emotions. OPPORTUNITY: Leverage music as a way to re-connect with your inner emotions. Because music works magic on the brain, that it can influence our thoughts, our emotions, our attitude, our lifestyle. It has the power to awake us if we are ready to take our time and not only hear, but actually listen. Target Group TARGET: THE MULTI-TASKERS Grolsch addresses the creative minds of modern days. They are the multi-taskers, permanently connected on Facebook, Instagram, Email, Basecamp and so on. The smartphone is the tool for their permanent “connection-ship”, the facilitator of all experiences: from concerts’ pictures, real time time work project feedbacks or food porn. Results Our video documentary summed up 281 652 minutes as 95% target was reached with 40% organic (Source: YouTube Analytics & Facebook Insights). 315% increase brand mentions in social media (Source: Zelist). Our story registered 8 Million PR impressions per week and 10 Million Media impressions (Source: Media & PR Agency). Our project addressed a universal tension that exceeds local boundaries, so we are proud to say that the experiment moved people from different countries and was featured on international websites from countries such as United Kingdom, Russia, Japan, China, USA. It even drew the attention of the Museum of Health from Houston, who have approached us to discuss about how they could incorporate this technology in their museum. Credits Client: Ursus Breweries Brand: Grolsch Agency: Kubis Interactive Creative Director: Laura Nedelschi Copywriter: Carina Toma Art Director: Florin Busuioc Group Account Director: Cristina Schitco Digital Strategist: Luana Roth Account Manager: Diana Patriche Head of Social Media: Ioana Zvac Community Manager: Irina Petrovici Director: Millo Simulov DP / Colorist: Ionut Avadanei Editor: Marian Ciungu AV Director: Alina Ivan Neuroheadsets / Visual: Auraleye Studio Band: Vita de Vie PR Agency: MSLGROUP The Practice Brand Manager: Georgiana Bercu