Group Shots

  • Fiona Freund

Whether it's in the boardroom or round the bonfire a good group shot communicates so much about a group of people, their relationships with each other the way they project themselves and their work. A misspent youth as a stand-up comedian gave me some excellent skills for getting the attention of large groups of people and then entertaining them enough to keep it. From persuading the lovely women in Marie Claire's “Bottom Monologue” to take all their clothes off and lighting the very talented Punch Drunk in a dim but sumptuous opium den for Vogue to getting So Solid Crew to focus on what we were doing and look at the camera. All requires very careful art direction, composition and negotiating skills which I have developed over the years. As a photographer being friendly and able to make good connections quickly with people is essential, when you are dealing with a group you need to connect with everyone making them feel relaxed and engaged with the process. People are my passion and arranging them to show the best of each individual and really communicate their strength as a group is the dynamic that inspires me.


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