GSK — Developing an evergreen campaign for a pharmaceutical company with greener ambitions

  • Ana Iugulescu

GSK are a science-led global healthcare company with a special purpose to improve the quality of human life by helping people do more, feel better, live longer. Addressing their environmental impact is fundamental to GSK’s purpose so, together with their partners, they can help protect and restore the planet’s health to protect and improve people’s health. In November 2020, GSK announced two ambitious new environmental sustainability goals in both climate and nature, aiming to have ‘Net zero impact on climate by 2030 and Net positive impact on nature by 2030’.

GSK needed an evergreen campaign that would not only create a platform for communicating progress over the next few years but would also remain relevant as they separated from the consumer healthcare business. It was also vital for the campaign to not only appeal to people across the corporate, academic and public spectrum, but position the business as a voice of authority in the global sustainability and environmental conversation. Without crossing the fine line into being rebellious or scare mongering.

To ensure longevity for the campaign, even as the business and brand changed, we developed a concept that leant on GSK’s deep and scientific knowledge of the subject, and their role in healthcare, to position them as a voice of warm but direct authority.
The graphic language uses white space to create a feeling of openness, whilst we used the green to represent ‘planet’ and the GSK orange to represent ‘people’. These form the ‘plus’ device which reflects not only a coming together of these two elements, but also the impact they have on each other and their overall health. The device is fully flexible, being used to structure layouts, pinpoint locations, connect elements and add interest.

We pushed the existing photography style to better show the connection between people and planet, with neither being shown in isolation of the other and always having a sense of warmth and optimism. The tone of voice is equally warm and personable, but doesn’t beat around the bush! Using direct and active language to create a feeling of urgency. Alongside infographics, social media assets and animations we also delivered material for COP26, for which GSK were a Principal Partner.