GTI & Underworld #PlayTheRoad

  • Donna Valenzano
GTI pioneered the hot hatch car category.
To promote the GTI Mk7, Volkswagen wanted to innovate again. Our solution, reinvent driving music.

We wanted to create something that focused on the fun of driving, something that heightened the experience of being behind the wheel of a GTI. We recalled those serendipitous moments of driving, where the music would kick-in at the perfect time and the drive would become cinematic. That’s the feeling we wanted to recreate for the GTI driver. Driving music that was perfectly suited to how and where you drive, creating a real time composition that’s in perfect harmony with the car itself.

To create the experience we recruited world-renowned musicians Underworld along with a specialist team of reactive music producers and after months of cruising and coding the result is a truly unique app that generates an original composition in real-time, with every drive.