Gucci presents "The Future Is Fluid"

  • Jade Jackman

In October 2018, I was selected to direct a film to launch a new chapter of Gucci’s “Chime For Change”; a social initiative founded by Gucci, Salma Hayek and Beyonce. I flew to Milan to discuss with Gucci’s creative team the visual look and feel and ways to best connect with their younger audiences and make them feel part of the brand. Working with market research from Irregular Labs, I cast 12 young people around the world to be the project. The film was a creative documentary looking at around how young people around the world see gender fluidity. We shot in London, Brazil, Italy, South Africa, and London. We launched the film at Sundance in January 2019 and the screening was called ‘show-stealing’ by Vogue. In February, we screened the film in Gucci’s New York stores where I spoke about my experience directing and how brands can engage young audiences in their business and marketing. The film saw me nominated as ‘Best New Director’ at the SHOTS in November 2019.


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