• Gemma Vardon
Water is the one thing that changes everything
Including an inevitable ‘Dry’ January
To create standout and brand awareness for Wateraid at the start of the year – a notoriously busy month with charities competing with one other to secure donations – we celebrated the power of water through a medium that would positively engage the nation
Turning to music to revive a damp, detoxing Jan
The H2Orchestra was born as we partnered with the best musicians in the business to perform a one-off concert along the banks of the River Thames – swapping their usual instruments for hundreds of glasses of water
Blanket national media coverage with broadcasts and interviews on TV news across Sky, London Tonight and ITV, LBC, Heart FM as well as online with The Daily Telegraph, Daily Mirror, Daily Star, Evening Standard, MSN and AOL resulted in the campaign reaching more than 10 million people
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