Hailo #FutureCities Keynote

  • Alex Myers
  • Danielle Morgan
Great apps don’t change how we live; they make the way we live easier. Revealing a number of new consumer and driver product updates, Hailo needed to demonstrate its role in creating a hassle free life for the people of London.

Recognising that product updates wouldn’t be newsworthy enough on their own, our strategy was simple – to look forward. Hailo wasn’t simply announcing new features; it was announcing the Future of the City.

Our approach centred on creating Hailo’s inaugural global keynote event that would update customers, drivers and media all at once, demonstrating the app’s innovations and approach to business. A host of engaging content was developed to increase media appeal and position Hailo as a global, innovative tech brand.

Working with two prominent futurologists, Manifest commissioned the ‘Future Cities’ report, a detailed examination of how consumers and businesses will interact with the city around them in the future. The report was presented at the keynote event by Robert Llewellyn, famed for his passion for transport innovation, and technology and transport commentator, Rory Reid.

In a world-first, we live-streamed the keynote into the back of black cabs and to bring the Future Cities report to life we created a ‘Destination Me’ video, illustrating how our relationship with the city has evolved.

With the imminent update to the Hailo app, Manifest organised ‘Hack the City’, inviting consumers, drivers, students, business customers and press to an exclusive event to unearth new, creative ideas for how to shape the app.