Hair Matters Exhibition (9th - 29th November 2018)

  • Bea Redweik
  • Sade Mica
  • Mia Cormack
  • Avril Bown

vFd​ a​nd Central Saint Martins MA Culture, Criticism and Curation students are delighted to present ​Hair Matters​, an exhibition that examines the social and cultural symbolism of hair in the 21st century. From the ballroom drag scene in New York City, to the anarchic rebellion against heteronormativity - hair has always been a significant placeholder for the relation of the queer body and space. This exhibition features work by six young, queer artists who explore the personal and political significance of hair and body hair as incredibly charged symbols of identity. The public interventions include photo manipulations, work with textiles, collage material, graphic design, ephemera and audio material. The artists: Travis Alabanza Roma Havers Angel Rose Alex Noble Sadé Mica Chaz Howkins About the curators: The curators of this exhibition are six MA Culture, Criticism and Curation students from Central Saint Martins: Indira Béraud, Avril Bown, Mia Cormack, Rosa Droogers, Rhiannon Edwards and Bea Redweik

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