Bea Redweik

Bea Redweik

Producer, Musician, Curator & Cultural WriterLondon, United Kingdom
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Bea Redweik

Bea Redweik

Producer, Musician, Curator & Cultural WriterLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I am a musician, producer, curator and cultural writer based in West London. My focus rests on multidisciplinary storytelling, with an affinity for sound, space and moving image. My practice as a musician contributes to my creative work at large and I am researching the connections between musicality and experience in disciplines such as film and exhibition making. At present, I am producing a BBC and ICA funded short film as part of the New Creatives series, and additionally submitting original music to the project's sound profile.
  • Writing about music and creativity
    Writing about music and creativityCurrently writing about life during a global pandemic.
  • International Composition Competition: Nationaltheater Mannheim (Finallist)
    International Composition Competition: Nationaltheater Mannheim (Finallist)The Mannheim National Theater is holding an international composition competition. The winner will receive a commission for a full-length chamber opera and the subject of the opera will be Albert Camus's 1942 novel The Stranger. Kirsten Milenko and I are now in the final round of the competition consisting of six teams in total.
  • "WAVE 3 (CANCELLED?)" - Short Film, ICA/BBC Commission
    "WAVE 3 (CANCELLED?)" - Short Film, ICA/BBC CommissionThe film - directed by Edward Smyth - explores someone who imagines everybody in their life as products in an action figure line. I was producer on this project and I contributed to the film's overall sound profile with original music.
  • Single Release: Fingertips by Asléane
    Single Release: Fingertips by AsléaneI released my first single in autumn 2019 - find it on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. Recorded in Caen, France, in 2016.
  • Josephine Jones: The Curious Cyclist Collection (AW19)
    Josephine Jones: The Curious Cyclist Collection (AW19)Josephine's presentation was part of London Fashion Week 2019 and took place on 15 February in the gallery spaces of New Art Projects London in collaboration with vFd and alongside the VFD10 - Punish The Streets exhibition. This was also the first show in London that featured an all trans cast, making history and marking an important milestone for trans-inclusivity. Capturing the models, the designer and the beautiful crowd was an absolute honour.
  • VFD10 - Punish The Streets (exhibition): 10 Jan - 2 Mar 2019
    VFD10 - Punish The Streets (exhibition): 10 Jan - 2 Mar 2019VFD10 - Punish the Streets is an exhibition that celebrates a decade of vFd in Dalston and highlights the influences that flow between club culture, art and fashion. The title ‘Punish the Streets’ refers to transgressive bodies and cultures that challenge norms. It describes a process that vFd, in one way or another has inspired, nurtured and cultivated in the last 10 years. Club culture creates its own necessities. It is a free and perpetually drifting space, which is constantly changing. The
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Projects credited in
  • Hair Matters (exhibition)
    Hair Matters (exhibition)An exhibition that examines the social and cultural symbolism of hair in the 21st century. From the ballroom drag scene in New York City, to the anarchic rebellion against heteronormativity - hair has always been a significant placeholder for the relation of the queer body and space. This exhibition features work by six young, queer artists who explore the personal and political significance of hair and body hair as incredibly charged symbols of identity. The public interventions include photo m
  • Freedom From Within The Frame (exhibition)
    Freedom From Within The Frame (exhibition)By reappropriating the exhibition format used by Richard Hamilton in his 2014 ICA show in the window of the Lethaby Gallery, Freedom From Within The Frame (11-26th April 2018) aimed to explore the principles of Basic Design as outlined in the archive of William Johnstone, former principal of the Central School of Art & Design. The William Johnstone archive is held at the Lethaby Gallery, Central Saint Martins (UAL). Link to the blog that documented the project.
Work history
    Co-Curator: VFD10 - Punish The Streets Exhibitionvfd
     - 6D Sheep Ln, London E8 4QS, UKFreelance
    King's College London logo
    King's College London logo
    Front of House Supervisor: Bush House ArcadeKing's College London
     - Strand, London WC2R 1ES, UKFull Time
    • Operational & Management Duties • Hosting a Variety of Installations & Exhibitions • Social Media Content & Visitor Engagement
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    MA Culture, Criticism and CurationCentral Saint Martins
     - London, United Kingdom
    Degree Classification: Distinction My MA thesis 'Fuckified - Artistry and Narrative Potential in the Presence of Heavily Manipulated Sound in Contemporary Popular Music' revolves around recognising heavy sound manipulations in contemporary popular music as indicators of artistry and creative intent. With regards to meaning-making in process in music production, these sonic modifications hold immense narrative potential; and through the exploration of six case studies – recent works by Bon Iver and EDEN – it becomes evident that the songs chosen do not mean the same, or as much, without the presences at hand. Employing interdisciplinary perspectives in the methodology, hermeneutic interpretations of manipulated sound are accessed through three entry points: familiarity, defamiliarisation and a fusion of the two, in the form of conspicuously processed voice. The sound manipulations manifest in a myriad of procedures: heavy distortions, artificial layers of nostalgic crackles and hisses, an orchestration of environmental noise, glitches, sonic collage, a widened vocal palette and uncanny personification – to summarise briefly. Contemporary popular music can easily be overlooked in terms of critical engagement, commercialism overshadowing artistry perhaps. Nonetheless, this investigation hopes to bring to light the vast potential at the heart of music production, specifically finding relevance in a heavy hand transforming sound. On December 4, 2018, I presented on my dissertation in Making Cultural Space - a collaborative symposium exploring when, where and how spaces are created with and for culture. This event was hosted by MA CCC, CSM and CCA, RCA.
    King's College London logo
    King's College London logo
    BA Comparative Literature with Film StudiesKing's College London
     - London, United Kingdom
    Degree Classification: First Class Honours Throughout my undergraduate studies my research interests took up residence in the contemporary and in cross-media perspectives, with a certain affinity for countercultures. Literature, to me, is interdisciplinary and my work is a reflection of this. In a paper for my final year module in Surrealism I examined the echoes of the Surrealist tradition in contemporary art, suggesting that the tradition continues, for instance, in Bon Iver’s latest studio album 22, A Million. Special spotlight was placed on notions of collage and collaboration. Additionally, my BA dissertation titled 'So the world will read you like the poem you want to be: An Exploration of Intentionality in Beat Art, Anchored in Space, Sight & Sound' is an exploration of a sensory sentiment and notions of intent, inspired by 2016's Beat Generation exhibition in the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris.
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