VFD10 - Punish The Streets (exhibition): 10 Jan - 2 Mar 2019

  • Bea Redweik
  • Tim Hutchinson
  • Fred Mann
  • Avril Bown

VFD10 - Punish the Streets is an exhibition that celebrates a decade of vFd in Dalston and highlights the influences that flow between club culture, art and fashion. The title ‘Punish the Streets’ refers to transgressive bodies and cultures that challenge norms. It describes a process that vFd, in one way or another has inspired, nurtured and cultivated in the last 10 years. Club culture creates its own necessities. It is a free and perpetually drifting space, which is constantly changing. The exhibition brings together a number of people who have long been at the centre of vFd’s history, some who have passed through and others who continue to shape it. The participating artists have created new works for vFd10 t including painting, drawing and installation. Alongside, the show features film footage, music videos, photographs and original artwork from the club’s extensive archive. Including new artworks by: Travis Alabanza - Dave Baby - John Lee Bird - James Davis - Maryam Eiser - CHRISTEENE - Dr Noki - Ismail Erbil - In Flames- Karen Finley - Jamie Macleod - Stuart McKenzie and James Jeanette- Dusty O - Kembra Pfahler - Jonas Ranson - Holly Revell- Angel Rose - Prem Sahib, Eddie Peake and George Henry Longley - Sue Tilley - Julie Verhoven - Jenkin van Zyl Image credit: Kembra Pfahler, Butt Print Brussels I (blue, red, black), 2018, acrylic on Steinbach paper, 73 x 55 cm Butt Print by Kembra courtesy of Emalin Gallery

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