Halo Nation

  • Gary Brosnan
  • Paul Wright

Social campaign to drive conversation for the digitally remastered colection of Halo stories

Brief Deliver digital content that will engage audiences, raise awareness and drive purchase intent of the remastered game series.
Challange Content must be organically shareable with xbox, social media and gaming channels.
Approach To help drive conversation of the re-mastered Halo franchise, I wanted to rekindle the excitement in the diehard Halo fans and key YouTube influencers. The thought process started at the hours these gamers have played in the Halo world and the game time their hands have seen. If their hands could talk what would they say? Which got me thinking about why these gamers love the Halo universe so much. I wanted to get them to re-live their favourite moments so we could capture the passion in an emotive call to arms for all other gamers around Europe.
Results Over 1.2m video views, Over 9.4k likes and 9.6k retweets, 1.4m facebook reach, earned media coverage; IGN, OXM, XBOX Archives.