Happiness Action Plans

  • Casey Evans
Happy employees = Sustainable Business
A company is a sum of its people and they are its most important asset. An engaged, motivated, highly skilled, flexible and loyal workforce, should be the goal of any business. It certainly is at Crown and that is why we took the decision to revamp our staff appraisal approach.
We believe that there is a correlation between happiness and performance. Having the means and support to be able to produce outstanding work within a positive environment will help bolster personal happiness and allow a great agency culture to flourish.
At Crown our ambition is to ensure that we can continue to innovate and deliver beyond expectations for clients, with a diverse team of talent who are inspired, nurtured, and capable. In order to do so we need to retain our best staff and attract new talent. Happiness Action Plans are just one part of that strategy.
Through a formal and informal framework of self-assessment, mentoring sessions and evaluation with managers our staff co-create a wholly personalised action plan, centered on practical and emotional growth and wellbeing at work.
What this road-map ends up looking like is wide open. It could involve anything from further training or a departmental move through to a daily ritual or set of tasks to help develop interpersonal skills. The nature of the plan is designed to positively develop individuals in a supportive way, and ultimately benefit our ambitions to produce work of outstanding quality and have fun whilst doing it!
Crown’s Creative Director Casey Evans (and handily a qualified Happiness Consultant) explains why we decided to develop and adopt this approach….
“Traditional appraisal techniques can often lack the depth and understanding required to develop and engage with today’s employee’s needs, which is why a more modern and productive solution is required. A holistic approach encourages employees to feel a sense of individuality that addresses all of the wants and needs that feed into the human nature and spirit. This in turn aims to support them in having a greater sense of value, appreciation and understanding in the workplace.
I think that quite rapidly we will start to see more businesses and institutions looking to adopt these types of solutions. I’m very excited and proud to work at a creative agency that is pioneering in this way and putting their employee’s wellbeing first and foremost.”