Hara Hillsborough – Food to the fore

  • Gregg Reid
  • Craig Norwood

Set in the rustic village of Hillsborough, Hara is an understated neighbourhood restaurant serving fresh and seasonal ingredients through a contemporary and impressive menu. Working closely with local farmers and growers, chef/owners Andy & Roz Turner have created a celebrated and incredibly welcoming dining experience. In the middle of a global pandemic, Hara decided it was time to rethink their web strategy and build something that represented their menu and restaurant more accurately.

Our research into the world of restauranteurs surprised us – despite how meticulous chefs can be around plating, table settings and more, very few put their food in front of their customers online.

After consultation with Hara, we collaborated with photographer Kalie Reid to capture their new seasonal menu and place it at the forefront of their new website. By mirroring the focus and attention to detail on their menu, we went against the grain of many fine dining outposts and allowed the site to become an exhibition and celebration of Hara’s culinary offerings.

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