Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

  • Jamie Malcolm

While each theatrical production brings with it unique challenges and requirements, none were as intimidating as Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. To be a part of a phenomenon so huge, even in a small way, was a great experience. I was tasked with creating graphics for the ‘Hogwarts Express’ sweet trolley props, developed from the Production Designer’s “vintage British” vision. This included creating an overall Honeyduke’s brand, designing the packaging for some familiar products and inventing many of my own. I had enormous fun imagining the evolution and production of these products of the Wizarding World (do they have similar aesthetics? What do they use for print production?) and coming up with increasingly impossible ingredients and flavours. I also designed a logo identity for the Ministry of Magic, reflecting the mystical yet bureaucratic and authoritarian agency. Production Photography ©Manuel Harlan