Harry Potter Exhibition / The British Library / Animated GIFs & Tube Ads

  • Charlie Minnion
In this video, you can see each GIF looped twice.. or if you prefer scroll down to see the actual GIFs themselves! Also, scroll to the bottom to check out the digital escalator panel ads I made to advertise the same exhibition.
I was provided with the original illustrations from the British Library & was given free reign to come up with ideas for the animations. Following development of the storyboards, and feedback from the team, I went ahead to complete the final versions. Released at regular intervals throughout their campaign, these playful GIFs brought in some of the highest engagement rates they had ever seen.

Digital Escalator Panel Ads

Following my work on the GIFs, I was excited to work with the team once again. This time on their digital escalator panel ads for the London Underground…


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