Have You Heard About June? - Wooga

  • Dai Roberts
June's Journey
Mystery, intrigue, romance. What will you dig up about June Parker? We created a campaign to introduce the UK to 1920’s murder mystery/hidden object mobile game June’s Journey.
Targeting women 30+, the fastest growing mobile gaming audience, we built a campaign around the insight that this game is used as a touch of escapism, in the same way you would a schlocky novel or gossip magazine.
Starring some peripheral characters in the game’s world, who’ve all got some gossip on our protagonist June Parker – a mysterious amateur sleuth on the case of her sister’s murder, we played with the idea that our audience can’t bare to hear only part of the gossip. These short films are your first glimpse into a wider story, piquing your interest to find out the rest. Have you heard about June?