Head Tennis - Speed Racquet Launch

  • Jemima Garthwaite

THE CHALLENGE In order to connect with a younger audience and promote their new racquet HEAD Speed, HEAD asked us to put our influencer tactics in play. Although the racquet is a speed weapon (equipped with Speed Graphene 360 technology, and was provided along with a speed monitoring sensor) we faced a tough rival: tennis players are highly loyal to their brand. So we could 1. Reach out to influencers already loyal to HEAD, or 2. Try to reach the unreachable. Guess what we did. 1. Serving Strategy We decided to work with 14 young influencers who were passionate about tennis and so was their audience. Our set of young stars combined a variety of players from Europe and the USA, with a careful balance of genders. 2. Match Point Getting our influencers excited about testing the product was the key to investing our budget in content creation. Together with the racquet and sensor, we sent them creative guidelines for content that would showcase how their game became even faster. 3. Nice Shot Some of the influencers happily joined us on different shoots, rain or shine! These moments gave us the chance to bring them closer to the brand, get to know them, and even meet their training partners. After the experience some of our team made the switch to HEAD and became true fans. Influencers included: Marta Krevsun, Taz Keens, Nina Zander, Efra Herrera, Dariush Amirsoleimani, Magdalena, Katarina Valkyova, Grant VanderHayden, JC, Gabriela Pantůčková, Linn Ehrenstrom, Christine Sperling, Dylan Gee and Oli Jacobson.